Fattal-Hotels.com Success Story

+195% Increasing in Organic Transactions 2019 vs 2018

Fattal Hotel Chain is the  Israel’s largest hospitality organization and one of the fastest-growing hotel groups across the UK and Europe, Fattal continues to build an impressive international portfolio based on an enduring passion for excellence.

Since 2016 we are promoting  Israel  Fattal Hotels official websites for incoming tourist markets to Israel and helping them to grow &increase direct bookings year after year.

We are supporting Fattal Hotels with 360 digital marketing services that all leads to significant increasing of direct bookings.

Our Global SEO Strategy was based on Top Level domains (Fattal-hotels.com in English, Fattal-hotels.fr for the French Market, fattal-hotels.ru for the Russian Market) with reach quality content for the users. We created the site structure and developed a comprehensive content strategy around the main destinations where Fattal Hotels are located, creating rich city guides to inspire visits and reservations.

We optimized the booking funnel on the booking engine  and we focused on mobile first to increase mobile conversion rate.

The activity resulted in an increase of +195% Organic Transactions, +147% Organic Traffic, +67% Paid Media Transactions 2019 vs 2018.

Anat Aharon, Head of Sales and Marketing Division at Fattal Hotels Chain:

"As a part of our primary marketing strategy for international markets, we wanted to increase our online presence and target new audiences in various destinations. Using Carmelon's digital marketing comprehensive solutions, we leveraged Fattal's business results in our digital assets, focusing on improving the traffic from SEO, paid media, and Metasearch advertising."

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