Testimonial – Anglo-Saxon

Anglo-Saxon is a leading, respectable network active in real estate brokerage and marketing. The network, owned by the S.A.L. Group, operates via 80 branches spread across Israel, and brokers all types of properties. The Anglo-Saxon branches and the real estate teams enjoy a professional, marketing oriented emphasis, from guidance and training, professional accompaniment, to the application of advanced technological methods – all that’s desired to guarantee a professional response to clients’ needs in the real estate field.

Website: http://www.anglo-saxon.co.il

Anglo-Saxon Website

Carmelon’s activity:

Carmelon has provided Anglo-Saxon with CRO, SEO, and Web Analytics services from December 2011 through August 2013.

Activity results:

  1. A 20% increase in the organic traffic to the website in 2012, compared to 2011 results.
  2. A 77% increase in the amounts of leads and contacts the website generated in 2012, in comparison to 2011.


Adina Haham, Anglo-Saxon’s CEO states:

“We have worked with Carmelon for 2 years, and have received an amazing promotional service for our portal, and in addition – personal promotional work on all our branches across the country. Carmelon has worked toward significantly increasing the amount of leads our agents receive from the website, and in doing so, has helped to increase the number of transactions.

Yair Carmel, who is in contact with us regularly, has been an integral part of the Anglo-Saxon website development as well as all of our other media outlets. He has contributed from his professional knowledge and immense experience in consultation with, and development of our new products, and their adaptation to the ever changing market.”