Testimonial – Jerusalem Bank

The Bank of Jerusalem was founded 50 years ago, and provides its customers with a variety of banking services, including current account, deposit, mortgage and securities. Bank of Jerusalem is a small bank that believes in traditional values of fairness and integrity, and chooses to gives its customers what they deserve in a simple, transparent, no-strings-attached and no-fine-print manner. Everything is on the table, and business is conducted at eye level.

Bank of Jerusalem Website

Website: www.bankjerusalem.co.il

Carmelon’s activity

Carmelon provided the Bank of Jerusalem with SEO, Web Analytics and CRO services.

Activity results

  • A 18% increase in the organic traffic reaching the website, within six months after launching the website, in comparison to the six month period immediately beforehand.
  • A significant increase in the amount of leads captured and actions taken on the website, in comparison to the previous website,
  • A substantial upsurge in the ranking of the keywords in organic traffic and a boost to non-branded organic traffic to the website.
  • Creation and implementation of a measurement and reporting system on all websites including the transaction website and the commercial website that synchronizes with Webtrends.


Shoshi Nire, Head of Internet & Mobile at Bank of Jerusalem states:

“Yair Carmel and his team have been assisting the Bank of Jerusalem from the beginning of the process of establishing the bank’s new company website, and provide high quality professional support as well as vital guidance in the fields of website promotion, analysis and other benefits. The results didn’t take too long to appear. The bank’s website is ranked high in important strategic keywords, and there is a significant increase in traffic and overall performance. The level of dedication, professionalism, the extensive experience, and the ability to serve as a driving force – all of these Carmelon team principles, proves over and over again that it is a great privilege to work with such an exceptional provider.”