Testimonial – My Agents

Migdal, Israel’s largest insurance company continuously improves the services it provides to its insurance agents, and through them, to its clients. The customer division along with the distribution channels at Migdal has established dozens of advanced websites for the company’s independent agents. These websites, under the main ‘My Agents’ website, are rich in practical content and integrated tools that improve the service customers receive, including methods for receiving new clients and carrying out real-time sales.

  The Agents’ Main Website:myagents.co.il

 My Agents Website

Carmelon’s activity:

Carmelon provides Migdal’s My Agents independent insurance agents’ websites with SEO, PPC, CRO and Web Analytics services.

Activity results:

Carmelon has been accompanying the establishment of all ‘My Agents’ related websites from their inception in 2010 until the present. As a result of this ongoing activity by Carmelon, there is a continuous increase in organic traffic as well as in the amount of leads and sales that the MyAgents websites produce. Among other benefits, there has been a 50% increase in the organic traffic, and a 30% increase in sales and leads in 2012, in comparison with 2011’s excellent results.


Limor Meshulam, Head of Marketing and Products Departments at Migdal/My Agents states:

“Carmelon, and Yair Carmel at the helm, have been associated with the agents’ websites project from day one. Carmelon gives us excellent and extremely significant service. The ongoing SEO work that the company does on the MyAgents websites is very fruitful, and is reflected in the amount of visits to the websites and number of referrals we receive from these websites on a monthly basis.”