Testimonial – OnLife

Onlife is the leading women’s portal in Israel, showcasing content in a number of different general and current affair related fields; career, family, fashion, health, opinion and recreation. The portal was founded by Hadas Goldstein, former CEO of Themarker, a group of private investors and the “Ha’aretz-Themarker Group”.

Onlife is an extremely popular media outlet with Israeli women, boasting more than 400,000 unique visitors a month.

Website: onlife.co.il

Onlife Portal

Carmelon’s activity:

Carmelon has been consulting with the Onlife portal from the day it was established, and provides it with SEO and Web Analytics services.

Activity results:

  • An annual growth of over 100% in the organic traffic to the portal.
  • Creation of a reporting and tracking system of all segments and content spheres in the portal.


Hadas Goldstein, Onlife Founder and CEO states;

“Yair Carmel, the man behind Carmelon, is a complete professional – he stays current on all the trends, and is a dedicated and fair individual. I’m very appreciative for the long and arduous road we’ve travelled together, during which we’ve collaborated on many successful projects.”