Testimonial – Strauss Water

The Strauss Water company, also known as Strauss Water – Tami 4, was founded 40 years ago under the name Tana Industries, and was acquired in 2009 by the Strauss Group. Strauss Water is the leading company in Israel in the field of manufacturing and marketing advanced water coolers, with more than 400,000 customers in Israel.

Strauss Water Website

Company Website:tami4.co.il

Carmelon’s activity:

Since 2010, the Carmelon team has provided the Strauss Water company with a variety of digital services:

  1. SEO + Web Analytics
  2. PPC
  3. Close accompaniment in upgrading the company website
  4. Initiating and monitoring development of their mobile website

Activity results:

As a result of working with Carmelon, Strauss Water’s overall digital activities in regard to sales aspects have risen in double digits every year since 2011, and the development of the digital products and services (beginning mid 2013) have resulted in a sharp growth in overall website usage.

These successes have come along as result of a strategic collaboration with Y.C. Carmel Group Ltd., led by Yair Carmel, which has been closely working with the Strauss Water – Tami 4 company. According to Strauss Water, the collaboration with Carmelon is fruitful due to mutual devotion to the following values:

  1. Strategic partnership
  2. Uncompromising professionalism
  3. Dedication and involvement
  4. Excellent communication and working relations


Orit Greenbaum Lipski, Marketing Director at Strauss Water – Tami 4 states:

“Yair Carmel is a rare person in his qualities, his professional knowledge, his ambition to see results and his will to exceed the goals he is given every year. Carmelon is a true strategic partner that has opened our eyes more than once to new trends in the digital sphere. Together with Carmelon, Strauss Water can show significant growth in its digital marketing results.”