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We see the digital sphere as a central and vital sales platform. Therefore, we have developed and established a variety of significant digital assets, each with a clear business model, in the tourism and financial fields in which we specialize. These sites serve as test beds for processes which benefit some of our most prominent clients with similar businesses. We continue to develop digital assets as opportunities arise.

Among other digital assets, we own Net Together, an entrepreneurial company which promotes and markets hotels and vacation resorts online, and which consists of a network of seven popular, high quality content websites. In addition, we have developed and established seven finance websites, which serve as practical and comprehensive portals for implementing smart financial decisions a on wide spectrum of topics.


Net Together envisions, designs, develops and implements websites in the fields of tourism and hotels. The company’s seven websites are meticulously designed, abundant in valuable content and are widely distributed. Among other benefits, the websites offer attractive deals with the option of direct reservations. Net Together intends on expanding its activities to other fields, and has several entities currently in production.

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We developed and established a network of finance websites, which consist of offering comprehensive and practical high-quality information about various financial topics – and which help users make educated financial decisions. The websites include a vast amount of useful information, delivered in text and video, and allow business transactions to be safely executed directly from the decision point, easily and with maximum efficiency.

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