Accessibility consulting services

Accessibility- what is it?

It is estimated that at least 20-25% of the users online suffer from some disability, including:

  • impaired vision
  • impaired hearing
  • impaired motoric ability
  • Cognitive disabilities.

These disabilities hamper the user’s ability to perform actions on websites that are not properly adapted. Furthermore, the ratio of users with disabilities increases with age due to age-related impairments, thus excluding significantly large consumer groups from sites that are not properly adapted.

Website accessibility is the broad term for making your website accessible to users with such disabilities, thus both enlarging your audience and making it easier for users with disabilities to perform activities on your site.

On an accessible website, users with disabilities have the same access to content as a non-disabled user would.

Some states have adopted various accessibility standards as legally obligating. If your site is under the jurisdiction of such regulations, accessibility may be not only a beneficial option for you, but also a legal requirement that may incur penalties if ignored.
As can be expected, creating such equal access platforms is not a simple process- it is a long term, detail-oriented process, that requires many adaptations to the site. The process may require significant amounts of time and money to be completed.

That said, site owners should not be discouraged from performing these adaptations as the benefits are far greater! Instead, obtaining the help of experienced accessibility advisors may shorten the time required and the financial costs of performing accessibility adaptations.

We at Carmelon specialize at accompanying adaptation process of sites of any size from the initial audit states and up to the final stages of obtaining compliance status for various legal accessibility standards.

Are you:

  • Considering performing accessibility adaptations on your site?
  • Struggling with WCAG 2.0, section 508 or IS 5568 accessibility standards compliance?
  • Interested in embedding large scale accessibility compliance systems (such as user1st)?
  • Do you want to increase your website’s audience size and conversion ratio?
  • Do you give specific services aimed at older age groups or users with disabilities?

We can help you! Contact us today using the contact form on this page, and find out how we can help reduce the time length and costs of obtaining an accessible site!


What are the benefits of having an accessible website?

 We can help you! Contact us today using the contact form on this page, and find out how we can help reduce the time length and costs of obtaining an accessible site!

  • Enlarging the potential target audience and number of site users, to include users with disabilities and old age related impairments
  • Increase the number of online conversions- not only due to enlarging the number of users, but also as accessibility adaptations usually makes online process simpler and easier to use, thus increasing conversion rates!
  • Improving the public image of the site, the company or the brand- accessible sites are largely accepted as a responsible, inclusive and socially aware entity.
  • Improving compatibility with various platforms and with search engines (which in turn, may bring about another increase in the number of visitors)
  • Reducing expenses- as mentioned above, performing accessibility adaptations may increase the number of online users and conversions,  thus usually reducing the number of clients that contact the company directly (through call centers or local offices), therefore reducing the expense on human service and support departments.
  • Legal requirements- in some countries, compliance with various accessibility standards (such as WCAG 2.0, section 508 or IS 5568) is a legal obligation

How can Carmelon help?

We at Carmelon specialize in accessibility consulting. Our customers enjoy a dedicated and professional accompaniment throughout the entire adaptation process.
A personal accessibility advisor will accompany you from the initial stages of the accessibility audit and until the completion of the process, to ensure that all required accessibility standards are met, in accordance with your goals and needs.
We will also be there for you after the adaptation process of your site is completed- we will continue to accompany you whenever a new page or new content is introduced to the site, when you refresh the site’s design or add new functions to your system.
Our accessibility advisors are there for you, for any project, large or small:

  • Designing new sites in compliance with accessibility standards
  • Adapting existing sites, large or small, to accessibility requirements
  • Accompanying the client throughout the entire adaptation process, and assisting the technical team with information on various recommended adjustments techniques
  • For large sites- assistance in embedding large scale accessibility compliance systems (such as user1st)
  • Performing accessibility audits for existing sites (as a onetime audit or as a repeating audit and as part of an adjustment process): mapping all required adjustments and supplying compliance information and resources for adjustments techniques
  • Consulting on adjustments and compliance of individual modules on sites (videos, animations, files, PDF documents etc)

Performing accessibility adjustments is a long and very detailed process- contact us today, and see how we can help you complete the process and achieve your goals, all while minimizing costs and timeframes!