Lucky Orange - Conversion Optimization system

As a digital marketing agency that consistently strives for innovative and efficient services for their clients, we are happy to announce on our new partnership with Lucky Orange, the All-in-One Conversion Optimization system providers.
Lucky Orange system provides aggregate data and individual user data about website’s users’ behavior.  The main goal is to give website’s operators all the data they need in order to understand their users better and accordingly improve their website’s conversion rate. Data is tracked based on short code implementation.
The system presents website users statistics under high intuitive and user friendly interface.
Additionally to the ‘basic’ statistics (Visits, page views, unique users etc.), it includes advanced tools such as: Visitor recordings, Heatmaps, Chat, Polls, Form Analytics and Conversion funnels.

Variety of tracking and CRO tools – Lucky OrangeVariety of tracking and CRO tools – Lucky Orange


Main features and tools
By using Lucky Orange, site operators can get the “full picture” of their users’ online behavior and make the relevant changes accordingly, which should lead to conversion rate increase on the long run.
The system’s users can always see how many people are currently visiting their website and watch live recordings of their mouse movements or watch the recording later, after they leave the website.
If site operators identify user who ‘lost his way’ on the website (for example: mistakenly left in the middle of reservation process), he can offer his assistance to him directly by using Lucky Orange chat feature.

Direct conversation with website’s visitors – lucky-orange

Direct conversation with website’s visitors – Chat FeatureDirect conversation with website’s visitors – Chat Feature


Heat Maps

Additionally to individual user behavior data, Lucky orange provides aggregated data on ‘Heat maps’ format. The ‘Heat Maps’ presents website’s pages areas divided by: clicks, mouse movements, and scroll depth.
This data is essential for site operators who wants to understand if users’ behavior fits his website’s goals and what can be improved accordingly.

Clicks, Mouse Movements and Scrolling depth – Heat MapsClicks, Mouse Movements and Scrolling depth – Heat Maps


Conversion Funnels
Before analyzing individual and aggregated users’ behavior, site operators should know on which page most users usually abandoned their website based on conversion funnels, those should be created according to their website’s goals (reservations, leads etc.). Lucky Orange’s conversion funnel is very easy to define and analyze. By using it, site operators can point on the exact abandonment reason(s) which can be seen on visitors’ recordings from each funnel step.

Find out why visitors abandoned your websiteFind out why visitors abandoned your website:
Conversion Funnels + Visitor recordings


Form Analytics
Websites with contact or registration goals, must put much attention on presenting a simple form with a clear call to action in order to increase their conversion rate. Form optimization can be done with Form Analytics tool which provides the following data:

  1. Abandonment – Identify which fields of your form cause abandonment
  2. Time to Start – Identify how long a visitor is on a page before filling out your form
  3. Field Time – Identify which fields of your form take the longest to fill out
  4. Average Order – Identify the order in which your form is actually completed
  5. Repeated Fields – See the fields that were amended the most


At last but not least, it’s very important to collect users’ feedbacks about their experience on the website by using Lucky Orange polls. Those polls can be triggered in several visit’s points such as: when users aim to leave the website, scroll half way down, after defined time on the website etc. The poll can be customized in terms of content and design in order to fit operator’s need.
The idea is to keep a daily contact between the operator to his website visitors, even when he is offline. By using polls, site owners can collect priceless information that can be essential on the short term (e.g. identify bugs) and the long term (e.g. fix reservation process flow>increase conversion rate).

Online polls - Lucky OrangeGet users’ feedback on any matter even when
you are offline – Online polls


Lucky Orange system brings innovative perspective to the fields of web analytics and conversion rate optimization. As part of creating a personalized user experience, site operators must consider using such system, on the short term it may demand some time and resources to get into conclusions and make required adjustments, but on the long term, it should be worth it – Visitors will be more satisfy from the general experience in the website > conversion rate will increase > Leads/sales will rise.

If you like to hear more details about Lucky Orange system, you are welcome to contact us through our ‘Contact Us’ page >