Digital Project Consulting

Some 2.4 million people in Israel use the internet regularly, 70% of them do so on a daily basis. 38% of the interaction with online content is done from mobile devices, and over 57% of Israelis have a smartphone. Statistic research shows that 80% of users research online before making a purchase and 85% of those users rely significantly on other users’ posted reviews. These statistics emphasize that what is happening in the cyber space with digital assets simply cannot be ignored.  For businesses, the writing is on the wall; online activity needs to be a continuous and inseparable part of any entity’s activity – an ongoing extension of their presence in the physical work completely linked to and represented in the digital world.

How do we acquire our own digital assets?

Our customers have many questions; “What is the business model for digital activity? What are the business goals of an online presence? Should a website be established? An application? A dedicated mobile website? A responsive design website? An advertising campaign linked to an internet landing page? How should a business react to and function in the social media domain? How should we promote our website, attract users and increase sales? What exactly are digital assets?”

In order to derive the maximum from any investment in digital assets and become an internet sensation, it would be wise to turn to experts with a proven experience in digital project consultation.  Carmelon specializes in accompanying digital initiatives from concept stage through implementation, and all related activities that effort requires. We’ll be there the whole way – whether you are in need of consultation, active supplemental support or full project development and management – all you have to do is describe your goal, and we will help you achieve it.

The following are the digital project consultation, establishment and accompaniment services we offer in regard to online initiatives:

  • Accompaniment from the concept stage, choosing the tools to achieve the business goal in the digital sphere – designing, proposing and producing an appropriate website, landing page, application, PPC campaign, social network activity, or determining the correct mix between these products and more.
  • Defining an action plan, strategic planning, writing a business plan, and creating specifications for a digital presence.
  • Producing a dynamic commercial website – starting from the website structure, to design sketches, wireframe drafts, color psychology, style, texture and interaction, media integration, keyword research and content definition, and making it compatible with all platforms and all search engines.
  • Websites adapted to desktop PCs, tablets, mobile and other digital assets simultaneously.
  • Assistance in planning and technically defining the website, and industry specific direction and communication with the development company.
  • Consulting on optimizing the user interface, the design, and the user experience.
  • Consulting and assisting in all phases of search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Consulting on making websites accessible according to legal requirements.

Our customers’ success is the best possible recommendation we can get for the service we provide. Building a brand, strengthening an image, increasing sales, collecting contacts or advertising content – whatever your goal of your digital assets – we will help you achieve it.