Online Reputation Management for Hotels

Are you aware of the powerful impact that online users have when they write about your business on the internet? Did you know that you can monitor and analyze these reviews in real-time and work toward improvement quickly and efficiently?

Carmelon Digital Marketing will help you “listen” to your guests in order to know how you can make them happy, increase their satisfaction and increase your sales. Some interesting facts to consider:

  • Every minute 50 reviews are posted online.
  • Every person has, on average, 130 friends in their social networks.
  • Over 3.5 million posts are shared on Facebook every week.
  • 250 millions tweets are posted daily…

There’s no ignoring the power of the internet Your business’s online reputation is based not only on the way you express yourself on your website or on the social networks, but also – more importantly – on what is written about you on different online channels that you simply cannot control such as social networks, blogs, review sites and so much more. The internet allows information to be broadcast at lightning speed all over the world. Anyone with a keyboard has the power to influence another person’s buying decision by sharing opinions on commercial brands and their products. Internet users glance at marketing messages, yet take a good look at third party review sites and online reservation agencies such as Expedia, Booking, TripAdvisor and others to provide reviews from travelers in the field. These unsolicited and unbiased reviews offer invaluable insight into what rooms pleased them or what meals were spectacular. These reviews can boost your business with intensity, if they’re put before the right eyes at the right time – at the point of decision making. The Circle of Trust - a Basis for the Next Reservation   The Circle of Trust – a Basis for the Next Reservation Over 80% of consumers read reviews about hotels before making a reservation, over 50% check the reviews before making a reservation in a restaurant, and 44% will do so before making a reservation for an attraction or activity. Positive reviews increase demand for reservations, and subsequent growth in sales volume and price stabilization – providing justification for a more profitable rate. A study by Cornell University in 2012 found that an improvement of only 1 point in the score given to a hotel, on a 5 point scale, enables the hotel to increase the price by 11.2% without losing market share. How is it possible to manage online reviews in this ‘global village’ called the internet? There are a number of tools that are geared towards making it easy to monitor reviews across the web. The central and most well-known are provided as part of the ORM (Online Reputation Management) systems. These types of systems carry out monitoring and analysis of reviews in real-time from a wide range of web sources (among these are social networks, blogs, forums and various leading opinion channels such as Expedia, and TripAdvisor). After the data is collected, the systems display under one interface an aggregated summary of the hotel’s KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) with scores divided into categories (such as: rooms, service, food & beverages), and the option to carry out a comparison of KPIs. Thanks to these types of systems, hoteliers are able to monitor what is written about their brand in real-time, “listen” to feedback,  and act quickly and effectively in order to manage satisfaction of prior, present and potential customers. Analysis of the reviews and the scores posted in different categories allows management to identify and maintain apparent strengths, and improve any weaknesses revealed by independent voices. Hoteliers and restaurant owners will perfectly understand their own ranking, as well as attitudes regarding service within their own facility compared to competitors and consequently work toward providing even better service experiences for guests. All these ultimately lead to the improvement of an online reputation as well as increases in sales. We specialize in accompanying and promoting hotels online, our goal being helping our clients increase their return and improve their conversion rates. Among our special skills, we have extensive and varied experience in online marketing and online reputation management as part of the digital departments of some of the leading hotel chains in Israel. We will advise, support and guide you throughout the monitoring and reputation improvement process according to the goals and strategy that we will define together.  

Main goals:

  1. Maintaining and strengthening the influx of positive reviews for a prolonged period of time, knowing that this is a central decision making factor in the customer’s reservation process – More positive reviews = more sales!
  2. Prevention and management of negative reviews by active encouragement of a direct, respectable, and controlled conversation with the customer, thus both improving the hospitality experience, and reducing negative public exposure.
  3. Encouraging the expansion of an online guest review database, and specifically sharing those that are positive, in order to strengthen the hotel’s image online.
  4. Improving guest satisfaction across all hotel categories (rooms, service, food & beverages etc.), by setting objectives and tasks based on the reputation management strategy that will be predefined according to the hotel’s specific goals.

  The following are services that we offer towards improving reputation and managing reviews:

  • Consultation and guidance in selecting and implementing an ORM system
  • Technical training sessions in regard to correct and effective usage of the ORM system.
  • Assistance in developing an online hotel reputation management strategy.
  • Consultation in writing the policies relating to the correct handling of reviews.
  • Analysis of periodic reports for monitoring purposes, and subsequently improving the positivity of reviews.
  • Assistance in defining objectives and tasks based on the KPIs.
  • Review, evaluation and assessment of key competitors in order to lead in each and every category.
  • Ongoing support and consultation.