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HTTP Status Code 200 OK

The HTTP status code 200 OK (or 200 OK Code) is the most common server code, and is the standard response for successful HTTP requests, this is what will be returned by default when a web page is successfully served up.
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HTTP 404 / 404 Not Found

The 404 or Not Found error message (HTTP 404 Not Found, 404 File or Directory Not Found) is a standard response code indicating that the Server cannot find the URL requested but the client was actually able to communicate with a given server or it was configured not to fulfill the request.
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Hashtag (#), formerly called the ‘pound sign’, is used on social media to index messages and pictures on a specific topic by category or phrase.
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Heading tags

Header (or Heading) Tags (HTML heading, HTML Header tags) and subheading tags are critical components of search engine marketing. Optimally, page titles should also be included to clearly define the page’s purpose and theme. All of the header tags should be used according to their relevance.
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