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Mobile-Friendly website

A mobile-friendly website is one that displays correctly on hand-held devices such as smartphones, iPads, and tablets. This means your website’s information (images, texts, videos, links) are easily and readily accessible across all different platforms.
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Magento is an open source web application designed to manage e-commerce. The system is written in PHP language (PHP Hypertext Preprocessor), and makes use of MySQL to manage the database required for e-commerce.
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Marketing Automation / Programmatic

A programmatic marketing (Marketing Automation) is a technology that uses automation to help marketers make online ad purchases that reach a targeted audience. Through programmatic marketing, marketers can narrow ad reach based on a variety of factors, like socioeconomics, geography, demographics, and more, which gives the capability to target audiences more precisely, and optimizes the user experience.
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Meta Tags

Meta tags (also known as Meta Data Elements) are included at the top (Head) of a web page written in HTML language, and designed to provide search engines with information about the website. Website administrators and website promoters use Meta tags to define and promote the website to the different search engines, especially Google.
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Mini Site

A mini site is usually a small, efficient website that can be accessed either by clicking a link or a banner on a certain website. A mini site allows the website promoter to create a small website, differing from a landing page that consists of only one page.
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Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is a promotional activity designed for marketing on a mobile device (usually a mobile phone or tablet). With an increasing number of mobile consumers, it is possible for any business to reach a target audience directly, for this reason, it is an effective channel to deliver personalized digital content, and important to have a mobile site or even an app for marketing.
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