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Open Source

Open source describes software for which the source code is open, unlocked and accessible to anyone.  Open Source encourages programmers to add customized modifications according to the needs of the developer, the website owner or the website development company.
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Organic Search Results

When searching for a term or certain phrase in the search engine, the results you are given are organic search results, processed by the search engines algorithm. The results will also be tested by various other parameters such as the quality of the website as far as structure, content and links in addition to scores for user-based ranking.
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Outbound Link

Outbound link (external link) is a link to a site outside of your site. Outbound links are the links you create on your site and point externally to another website/blog. When you have few to no outbound links it’s not good as well, the search engines may consider your site to be an inferior resource.
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