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Social Media

Social Media is a variety of Web-based platforms and communities that enables people to create content and socially interact with each other online, and make the users active content publishers.
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Satellite Websites

A satellite website is a secondary website designed to support the company’s main website, and is a tool widely used by website promoters. Within satellite websites, one can find links to the main website and to other websites.
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Search Engine

The search engine is an internet-based tool that people utilize in order to easily find relevant information. After entering a search term, users receive a long list of results. Clicking a link on one of those results redirects them to a website relevant to the search criteria.
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Search engine algorithm

Search Engine Algorithm is a set of rules that a search engine uses to rank listings in response to a search query (sometimes referred to as the "secret sauce”). Search engines will periodically send a crawler through the website to view all its data.
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SEM - Search Engine Marketing

According to many experts in the digital marketing field, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), in a PPC (Pay per Click) model results in the highest quality returns, which is why this option is considered by advertisers to be most effective.
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Site Map

The site map is a list of website pages accessible to crawlers or users, presented in a simple and understandable manner. The site map is also important for website promotion, allowing the promoter to replicate instructions on the site’s different content pages, as well as edit the internal links.
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