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Website Traffic/ Traffic Analysis

Web site traffic is the amount of visitors and visits in a Web site (sometimes referred as ”sessions“), and is a common way to measure an online business effectiveness at attracting clients. It is also a starting point to determine a website’s popularity and visibility.
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White hat search engine optimization

White Hat SEO is the opposite of Black Hat SEO. Used to describe certain Search Engine Optimization (SEO) methods that improves search engine results page (SERP) while maintaining the integrity and staying within the search engines’ guidelines, and terms and conditions.
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Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia, a user written, user- controlled website that provides free information in many languages on many subjects. It is a massive online source of information which anyone can change or add, and can be about broad or specific topics.
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WordPress is one the most common content management systems, allowing a website owner to easily and efficiently establish and manage Blogs and websites. It’s possible to choose from hundreds of existing templates and features, or purchase advanced templates and applications from third party companies.
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