Book a Space, Revolutionize Bookings: Book a Space’s All-in-one Solution Simplifies Direct Bookings For Space Owners

Why Book a Space is a must have for hoteliers and property owners:
Book a Space is an all-in-one booking solution for spaces, meeting rooms, events, and venues. Its cutting-edge technology allows hoteliers, co-working spaces, and property owners to seamlessly manage direct online, offline, and indirect bookings from a single, integrated platform. Feature your space on Book a Space’s powerful booking engine or effortlessly integrate the engine onto your website and start boosting your direct bookings. Book a Space’s hybrid solution allows businesses of any size to find spaces for their employees, so they can work, meet, connect, and pursue their dreams.

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Key User Benefits

  • Maximize your revenue: List your unused spaces on Book a Space powerful booking engine or integrate them onto your website for direct bookings and increased profitability.

  • Discover varied spaces: Access an extensive selection of premium venues tailored for coworking, conferences, events, and beyond, guaranteeing you discover the ideal setting to achieve your objectives.

  • Empower your team: Offer flexibility with our hybrid platform for remote work, boosting productivity, connectivity, and savings.

Booking Engine

Book a Space’s booking engine is very powerful and yet offers an easy, convenient and quick reservation process. The user searching for a space can see pictures of the space, a brief description, the amount of people it can contain, the price per hour in real time, the amenities & extra services. One checks for availability and orders the space, just as one would a hotel room.  The payment process is seamless for the property owner and the user. Via the booking engine one can book meeting rooms, offices, conference halls and more.

Booking Engine


Book a Space’s Marketplace shows users all the properties available in any given area. Each property can be searched according to various parameters and thus the property that best suits the user’s needs is easily found. The marketplace is useful both for hotel or venue owners listing their unused spaces as well as for companies or freelancers in search of a place to work.


Direct Channel for Hotels & Venue Owners

Book a Space - Direct Channel for Hotels and Venue OwnersBook A Space’s booking engine can be easily integrated onto a hotel or venue owner’s website, allowing for a significant increase in direct bookings as well as an increase in conversion rates. By inserting a simple piece of code, the site will be ready to drive direct bookings. Moreover, it is easily adaptable to the look and design of your brand – ensuring a seamless user experience. It is simple to control pricing and manage inventory thus making the entire process smooth and profitable.

Distribution Channel for Companies & Freelancers

While the world of work continues to evolve, Book A Space allows companies and freelancers to keep up with the changes. With hybrid work becoming the norm, companies can now access thousands of available workspaces to host its employees. Book A Space makes it easier to work remotely and stay in touch with the team. Companies not only save money in the long run, employees are more productive given a better work-life balance.

Distribution Channel for Companies & Freelancers

Why is this product perfect for your hotel?

  • Maximize your profits on unused spaces that can be used as meeting rooms, conference rooms or work spaces.
  • A simple yet powerful booking engine which profits both venue owners and companies.
  • Increase direct bookings on your website by integrating Book A Space’s booking engine.
  • Enjoy a diversity of spaces in private offices, restaurants and hotels.
  • Each space is checked and approved by Book A Space ensuring total satisfaction.
Why is this product perfect for your hotel?
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