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Maximize Revenue with Direct Bookings: Unleash the Power of WebHotelier’s Cutting-Edge Booking Engine!

Why WebHotelier is a must have for hoteliers? Designed for hotels and accommodation providers, Webhotelier is a robust booking engine dedicated to boosting direct bookings and revenue. Guests can effortlessly reserve rooms directly from your property's website, ensuring a smooth and personalized booking experience. Webhotelier stands out with dynamic pricing, hotel & flight booking capabilities, and members' programs. These features collectively drive distribution and revenue optimization, positioning your property ahead of the competition.
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is a cutting-edge online channel manager that saves hoteliers’ time and boosts their revenue

primalRES allows hoteliers to update multiple booking channels from one location. Its premium features automate and streamline the channel management process for hotels of all sizes, hotel chains, villas, and vacation rentals. Hoteliers and hospitality managers can use primalRES to control rates, availability and reservations for all booking channels from one real-time dashboard. Over 5300 professionals in 25 countries currently use primalRES, and it boasts 99% retention.
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The Conversion Rate Optimization Platform That Boosts Hotels Direct Bookings

RateParity is an intuitive CRO platform that offers hoteliers a set of features and tools enabling them to maximize direct bookings, all the while increasing conversions and revenues. RateParity gives hoteliers control over their booking rates by alerting them about pricing disparity occurrences on major OTA websites in real-time. Hotels can adjust prices to offer potential guests the best rate guarantee directly on their websites.
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The online application that allows hotels to keep track of all requests submitted by phone, email, web forms or live chat

Quotelier is a hotel proposal software that simplifies managing direct requests. It allows you  to manage your hotel’s email, phone or chat requests, creates professional online proposals and automates email delivery. It gives you the tools needed to ensure potential guests get the best customer service possible. All of the above leads to an increase to customer satisfaction and higher conversion rates.
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is the leading customer relations solution suite for hotels, increasing revenue & improving guest experience

VerityGuest is a complete transformation of the way a hotel operates. This is accomplished by a consolidation and analysis of all available data allowing the hotelier to get a 360 degree view of their guests and prospects. The customer’s exact needs can now be met with precision. VerityGuest’s CRM, powered by Artificial Intelligence, manages all interactions creating personalized experiences across all channels and boosting revenue and profitability.
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the cutting-edge website builder platform that boosts hotels’ direct bookings and ROI

Hotelier CMS is a next-generation, easy-to-use content management system that is specialized in the hotel industry. With over 20 years’ experience and having increased the revenues of over 1000 hotels, Hotelier CMS knows how to build hotel websites that engage the user and lead to conversions. Among the elements that stand out are their tried and tested stunning templates that incentivize direct bookings, SEO-friendly and responsive websites that are effective on all types of designs and fast loading times ensuring user satisfaction.

Revolutionize Bookings: Book a Space’s All-in-one Solution Simplifies Direct Bookings For Space Owners

Why Book a Space is a must have for hoteliers and property owners: Book a Space is an all-in-one booking solution for spaces, meeting rooms, events, and venues. Its cutting-edge technology allows hoteliers, co-working spaces, and property owners to seamlessly manage direct online, offline, and indirect bookings from a single, integrated platform. Feature your space on Book a Space’s powerful booking engine or effortlessly integrate the engine onto your website and start boosting your direct bookings. Book a Space’s hybrid solution allows businesses of any size to find spaces for their employees, so they can work, meet, connect, and pursue their dreams.
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Upsell pre-arrival room upgrades and premium rooms to boost your hotel’s ADR

The leading upgrade solution for hotels, more than 1200 hoteliers in over 30 countries use Upstay’s cutting-edge software to improve their hotels’ average daily rates (ADR) by upselling premium rooms, room upgrades, added services, experiences, and spa packages, among other ancillaries. UpStay can automatically convert up to 20% of the guests to buy extras before arriving at the hotel. It is an intelligent solution to maximize profits and improve the guest experience.
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Traffic is the lifeblood of any website. We drive high quality traffic to grow your hotel’s direct bookings, increase brand awareness and maximize revenues.

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  • SEO - Rank high. Get more direct bookings. Increase your bottom line.
  • PPC - Boost bookings with paid search that yields laser-targeted visibility.
  • ASO - Increase app downloads with App Store Optimization.

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