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A content strategy is an essential part of developing a successful online business presence. It involves all steps of planning, creating, and distributing all kinds of content – written or visual – on all digital channels and devices with  internet connectivity.

With a solid content strategy, you lay out the foundation of your online presence. A good content strategy encompasses everything you publish online, from planning a website with all its text and visual elements to the content you put in front of your followers on social media and third-party networks. On this foundation you will later base your content marketing campaigns, advertising, PR, and other publicity efforts that will help your business generate more leads and ROI.

A content strategy for the Web is not limited to putting some text on a website. It is a complex, lengthy process that will align your brand voice and brand story, audience personas, content maps, and content marketing plan. To be successful, the content strategy needs to be well prepared and documented. Often, DIY is not the best solution. You’ll need content experts, people who are deeply familiar with what works and what doesn’t, who know what audiences expect in and from your industry, and who keep abreast of the latest Internet trends.


  • Know your business: your content strategy must reflect clearly who you are and what you do and communicate clearly which customer points of pain you solve, what benefits you offer, and how you are different or better than your competitors.
  • Define your business goals: for a content strategy to work is crucial to be centered around your business goals. Think about what you want to achieve and define your KPIs to have a clear overview of your content goals.
  • Know your customers: your content should be relevant to the people you want to convert into buyers. Define your target audiences based on buyer personas and create content that piques their interest and addresses their needs.
  • Find your voice: There are four main writing styles: expository, descriptive, persuasive, and narrative. Choose the style that fits your business goal and  delivers content that communicates your message. Focus on authenticity and originality. The way you communicate sets the voice of your brand.
  • Choose your content types: from website content to blog articles and eBooks and on to images, infographic, video, podcasts, and rich media, you have hundreds of opportunities to communicate your message to your customers. Choose the content types that work best for your business goals.
  • Choose your distribution channels: your website and blog are just one channel of distribution. As part of your content marketing strategy you may choose to push content in front of buyers on third-party sites, like  YouTube, Medium, BuzzFeed, and so on.
  • Create an editorial calendar: this is an essential part of a good content strategy. Here you detail which topics you need to cover, who will do what, what pages of your site need special attention or updates, and so on.
  • Measure your success: a good content strategy is measurable. It would help if you used smart analytics tools to see how many users read or share your content, and you can also measure how your content delivered  regarding lead generation and sales. These metrics will also help you continue to refine your content strategy to perform even better.

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Outstanding Content Strategies, Tailored to Your Business  

Detailing a content strategy is a challenge if you are not familiar with the ever-evolving nature of the World Wide Web. However, with the right content partner, you can focus on other aspects of your business. We at Carmelon Digital Marketing can help, offering professional website content writing services and premium content strategies:

  • We can plan a solid content strategy from start to finish. We sit down with you to define and understand your business goals, and we propose a content strategy poised to deliver and surpass your expectations.
  • We help creatingmulti-lingual content based on your buyer personas. We work with SEO-trained writers which can deliver the content you need: either content for a global audience, or specific, localized content.
  • We pick the right channels to distribute highly  persuasive content that captivates the targeted audiences.
  • We can work with you to revamp your current content strategy.
  • We track and monitor big data and continuously improve your content to boost ROI.

All our content strategies are tailored to suit the needs of each customer and are well-thought-out to deliver results in the long term.


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