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Content is the King! We believe in High-Quality Content that improves the User Experience & Increases SEO Traffic & Conversions.

The day content writing focused first on search engine rankings are long gone. Today, websites must deliver on user expectations with texts that are relevant to their needs. Content writers must understand user intent, search habits, and geolocation to provide content that inspires clicks and shares, among other criteria. This type of content must respect all the factors defined by Google and other search engines in their terms: accuracy, value, and relevance to readers are paramount among them.

Whatever the purpose of a business’s website – branding, marketing, or sales – its content will impact user interactions and the bottom line. While in the past, e-commerce sites were more preoccupied with the number of products and their prices, they now must focus and invest in content to generate sales.

GE Capital Retail Bank’s second annual Major Purchase Shopper Study revealed that about 81% of consumers research online before purchasing.

One way to deliver the information consumers seek is to publish blog posts. When done right and published regularly, blog posts can attract readers ready to buy or act and increase the traffic to the site.

Work Method

Before starting the content writing project for your business, we sit down with you to set clear objectives. Here are some of the questions we will consider:

  • Why do you need content?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What purpose should this content serve?
  • Where will you publish the content?

Your answers will help us decide what type of content to deliver and the information it should contain.

As soon as we figure out the purpose of the content, who your users are, and where they will read it, we discuss with our content writers to explain the project in detail. We will give them clear content guidelines based on keyword research from our SEO experts. Although the content writing will first target your potential customers, we still want it to place well in search engine rankings, including Google.

Our experienced content writers are well acquainted with Google’s guidelines for quality, relevant content. They have extensive knowledge of marketing and adaptive writing to target the right audiences for your business. The content we will deliver achieves two main objectives:

  1. It is interesting, relevant, and valuable for search engine users to bring quality traffic to your site, eventually yielding sales or leads.
  2. It respects search engines’ content guidelines and is tailored according to their algorithms to bring higher rankings for your site.

To conclude

Content writing involves a complex skillset based on extensive knowledge in several areas. Any company needs a solid content strategy that integrates and serves its business goals. Our content writers will work according to that content strategy to provide quality, relevant content that delivers results for the objectives predefined by your business goals.

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