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Stop Wondering Why 98% Of Your Site Traffic Doesn’t Convert

CRO is a process to enable data-driven choices to increase conversions.  In the same way you rely on SEO, PPC, social media, email campaigns, and remarketing to bring in more visitors, an effective CRO program measures, analyses, and optimizes the traffic from these efforts. CRO is the culmination of the overall marketing strategy.

CRO is a marketing optimization process that increases the number of website  visitors to complete a defined set of goals. As part of the CRO process, we analyze the behavior of visitors on your site and focus on how they interact with every page through all the conversion funnel stages. Through the CRO process, the strength and weaknesses of the site become apparent, for example, it is clear to see which elements should be improved to entice users to click where we want them to click to make a purchase or any other type of action that renders into a conversion.

Having a proven strategy in place is fundamental to the success of any CRO program, but any system without the proper planning and goals is certain to fail.

Using algorithmic formulas, site owners can plug in the  pertinent numbers from analytics to achieve a desired goal. However, the real point is not to try and generate more website traffic, but to fix the root causes of client leakage. Conversion rate optimization is about getting more from what a site already has.

In conclusion, CRO marketing is as much a philosophy as it is a strategy. It’s also not right for every marketing effort, especially if the expectations are either not in place or unattainable. Businesses needn’t expect to get massive new conversions just by adding a Facebook button. To be successful using CRO the team must adopt a new mindset.

Properly executed, CRO can be very rewarding for a site. But it is a time consuming difficult process the requires a high level of expertise.

Work Method

At Carmelon Digital Marketing we are committed to the premise that the right Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) methodology can provide incredible results for our clients. The impact of a data-driven scientific approach to optimizing site traffic is often surprising.

Today, very few marketing teams focus on getting more from existing traffic, and this is where CRO marketing comes in. We pay attention to the CRO best practices and key components to serve our customers with transparency and leverage beyond reproach.

Our CRO methodology involves a complex set of actions:

  • Conducting a heuristic evaluation to collect data about some broken areas on a website.
  • Next, we do a competitive analysis to get insights into what aspects of the competition’s sites are working.
  • Then we create a conversion roadmap for your website  to show you which pages you should fix.
  • We then determine other problem areas on a webpage  prioritizing as we go.
  • After creating a testing hypothesis, we create a new design based on it.
  • Finally, we conduct conversion rate A/B testing to determine the best end product.

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