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"Words have no wings but they can fly thousands of miles"

It seems that when it comes to business life, this ancient proverb is even more true. Misconduct of an employee in front of a customer or erroneous judgment can lead to a negative experience and from there on reach the point of actual harm to the business.

Your business's online reputation is based not only on the way it is presented by you on your website and social media, but also (and these days, mainly) on what is written about you in the various online channels - social media, blogs, review sites and the like. Thus, users can have a significant impact on your business.

If you haven't started allocating resources to online reviews, including tracking, encouraging positive reviews and addressing negative customer experiences before they reach the online discussion – these numbers will convince you that it's time to do so:

  • Every minute 50 reviews are posted online.
  • Every person has, on average, 130 friends in their social networks.
  • Over 3.5 million posts are shared on Facebook every week.
  • 250 million tweets are posted daily.

The web today is a great platform for the wisdom of the masses. We consult long before making purchases - asking questions and doing research. The opinions supply is large. Starting with Facebook groups, through reviews on Google and sales sites - it seems that there is no product or service without a variety of opinions and documented experiences about it. Everyone has the power to influence the other's consumption decision by sharing their views on commercial companies and their products.

Online review sites and booking agents (TripAdvisor, Booking, Expedia etc.) are now a crucial factor in the surfer's decision when booking.

More than 80% of consumers read hotel reviews before booking. More than 50% check reviews before reservation in restaurants and 44% before booking an attraction or activity.

Positive reviews for a particular hotel increase the demand for bookings there and accordingly lead to growth in the volume of sales and even in the level of price that can be demanded.

A study by Cornell University (2012) shows that improving a hotel's rating by a single point on a 5-point scale allows the hotel to raise its price by 11.2% without losing market share.

Work Method

There are a few of tools that aim to make it easier to track reviews across the web. The main and best-known tool is called the Online Reputation Management - ORM system.

These systems track and analyze real-time reviews from a wide variety of sources (including social media, blogs, forums, and leading review channels such as Google My Business, Facebook Recommendation, TripAdvisor,, Expedia).

The system presents the data in a single interface with a summary of the KPI's, divided into scores by category (rooms, service, food and beverages, etc.) and the possibility of comparing the indices to competitors.

These ORM systems will allow you to track what is written about you in real time, "listen" to reviews and act quickly and efficiently to customer satisfaction.

Analyzing the content of the opinions and scores in the various categories, will allow you to preserve the strengths and improve the weaknesses. At the same time, you will see your ranking in the reviews relative to the competitors.

All of these ultimately lead to an improvement in your online reputation, and hence to an increase in return.

We specialize in monitoring and improving online reputation for hotels, thus increasing returns and improving conversion rates.

We have extensive experience in digital marketing and reputation management in the network of the largest chains in the country. We will advise, support and accompany you through the process of controlling and improving your business's reputation in accordance with the goals and strategy, which we will define together.

Main goals:

  1. Maintaining and strengthening the influx of positive reviews for a prolonged period of time, knowing that this is a central decision-making factor in the customer’s reservation process – More positive reviews = more sales!
  2. Prevention and management of negative reviews by active encouragement of a direct, respectable, and controlled conversation with the customer, thus both improving the hospitality experience, and reducing negative public exposure.
  3. Encouraging the expansion of an online guest review database, and specifically sharing those that are positive, in order to strengthen the hotel’s image online.
  4. Improving guest satisfaction across all hotel categories (rooms, service, food & beverages etc.), by setting objectives and tasks based on the reputation management strategy that will be predefined according to the hotel’s specific goals.

The following are services that we offer towards improving reputation and managing reviews:

  • Increasing long-term positive reviews as a significant factor in the customer booking process. More positive reviews = more sales!
  • Prevention and management of negative reviews by motivating direct, respectful and controlled discourse in the short term in favor of improving the hospitality experience and reducing the extent of negative exposure.
  • Encouraging the expansion of the customer opinion database and the sharing of positive opinions in particular.
  • Improving customer satisfaction in all categories (rooms, service, food and beverages, etc.) by setting goals and tasks based on a pre-determined reputation management strategy.

Here are the services we offer for improving reputation and managing opinions:

  • Advice and guidance in selecting and implementing an online reputation management system (ORM system).
  • Technical training for the correct and effective use of a network reputation management system.
  • Help build an online reputation management strategy.
  • Advice in writing a policy for handling opinions.
  • Analysis of periodic reports in favor of control and motivation to improve opinions.
  • Assistance in setting goals and tasks based on quality metrics (KPIs).
  • Comparison to competitors in order to lead in each category.
  • Ongoing support and advice in managing opinions through the ORM system

In conclusion, online reputation management is an issue that we have been dealing with for many years, especially in the field of tourism and hotels, where opinions have great significance. Thus, we have the experience and ability to help you improve your business's online reputation and convert positive customer reviews into bookings and sales.




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