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Managing Display advertising for branding campaigns, lead generation, and online sales for e-commerce with positive ROI by reducing CPA

Display ads can be highly creative and effective in driving clicks and engaging audiences. Display ads come in many sizes and forms. While traditional, static-image banner ads are still used, modern display ads often use video and rich media to deliver a more complex message based on a story-telling narrative so successful in contemporary marketing strategies.

Display advertising is a form of marketing where an advertiser rents ad space on a website or in a display ads network. In simple terms, display advertising is “ads on a website.” Types of display ads may include text ads, image ads, rich media ads (animations or a moving carousel of products), video ads, and other forms of interactive content designed to persuade the viewer to click.

These are not the typical sponsored ads shown by Google in SERPs but occupy a different segment on the online marketing space, on selected media, including the Google Network, social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, news sites, and so on.

Display ads are “pushed” in front of the consumers without them needing to perform searches with the goal to persuade them to purchase a product or a service – and the method is quite lucrative. There are enough statistics that demonstrate the popularity of display advertising:

  • The Google Display Network boasts more than two million websites and reaches over 90% of the total online audience (Google)
  • Mobile devices account for 85% display ad serving (SEMrush)
  • 5% of ads on the display network are plain text ads (WordStream)
  • Average click-through rate in Google Display Network is 0.23% for text ads and 0.31% for image ads.
  • Display ads grew 13.1% in 2017 compared to search ads at just 12.8%  (IAB)

Since display advertising is not limited to the Google Display Network, businesses can reach countless customers wherever online they choose to keep active. The Facebook Audience Network, which boasts over 1 billion users worldwide, and the Media.net network, which allows you to push display ads in the Yahoo! Bing Network, display millions of such ads daily.

Google Display Network (GDN) advertising is low cost and can be a profitable alternative to Google Search Network (GSN) advertising.

Display advertising creates the greatest volume of reach compared to any advertising channel.

Work Method

When you choose us to run your display marketing campaign, we get a professional team and all the benefits that come with our decades of experience working in display advertising with international businesses from a multitude of niches.

  • We are Google Partners – we have the in-depth know-how to run a successful advertising campaign for you in the Google Display Network.
  • We are Internet marketing pioneers, in business since 1999. We followed the online display advertising trends closely and we know what works.
  • We have a profound work ethic that guarantees transparency and result-focused labor to ensure the success of your online display ads.

Our team of experts at will work closely with your marketing and creative teams to plan and execute display advertising campaigns of any size. We’ll pay careful consideration to all the details, from campaign goals, to ad format, size, shape, duration, A/B testing, and so on. Constant monitoring of campaign performance will be a priority as well – ensuring that all your ad dollars are well spent.

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