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Retargeting as part of the Eco-system, Turn your website visitors into customers with Remarketing Campaigns

For marketers the ultimate question is “how do I get new customers?” The answer is any sales and advertising strategy that connects potential clients after they’ve visited your business online. This is known as “remarketing,” which means reminding people of  the value points of a business they already know. Remarketing is one of the fundamentally crucial facets of any serious digital marketing effort.

The basic principle of remarketing is to get and keep the attention of the guest who has already expressed some level of interest in your offers. The concept is simple, even though the practice can be complex.

Even though the effectiveness of remarketing should be a given, research from a few years ago indicated that most businesses underutilize the strategy. Furthermore, even some of the most experienced enterprises don’t use retargeting as part of their content marketing mix.

At Carmelon Digital Marketing, we use editorial content cookies to retarget relevant actionable messages. This strategy is but one in a toolbox of other effective  remarketing tactics.

Remarketing is also a powerful tool to drive qualified web traffic that converts into sales. You can use it on social media as well as in PPC and display network advertising.

Facebook Pixel Retargeting

Your social media assets are a lot more critical to your overall marketing effort than you may realize. Facebook, for instance, is a crucial stopover along the shopping path. We have sound experience leveraging retargeting ads using Facebook Pixels.  Therefore, we can plan and execute smart  remarketing strategies to engage your prime demographic targets and to reach the best customers.Remarketing

Retargeting with Facebook Custom Audiences

Innovation in marketing is sometimes about slicing and dicing data and information until we split hairs to convert customers. By targeting on Facebook your email recipients that have not responded to an offer, you make a percentage of “non-openers” aware of your specials and news.  For this to work, you must upload your email list to Facebook. Next, Facebook matches emails with current users to run ads that correspond to your marketing effort.

Google Display Retargeting

Google Display Retargeting helps us leverage your existing website traffic to serve up economic display image ads. This method uses Google Analytics data to retarget site visitors on their journey across the web and to “nudge” them to buy. This works when you enable retargeting through Google Analytics, and then retargeting audiences through Analytics based on your website behavior.

Delayed Retargeting Tracking Pixel/Cookie

Another strategy that produces great conversion results is to ensure your ad budget is not wasted on low or no-intent client leads. One very effective way of doing this is by delaying the firing of your tracking pixel or cookie by up to one minute to capture users who have not bounced off your site or ad immediately. With this strategy you are targeting interested users who have seen or engaged with your content. The subsequent retargeting ads will be reaching a far more activate audience.

Email Retargeting

Surprisingly, most marketing teams overlook the potential of adding a  retargeting pixel to an outgoing email list. When the pixel fires on a potential guest’s opening of the mail, we just run ads to this audience to make more impressions from an otherwise cold lead list. The effect is multifaceted too. Where brand reach is concerned, for instance, the potential customers get the impression your business is present everywhere.

These are just a few expert strategies used in remarketing your brand. Statistics show that remarketing can convert up to 70% of an already engaged audience. A recent ComScore study reveals that retargeting ads led to an unbelievable 1046% increase in branded search, which in turn led to 147% higher conversion rate over time.

In short, failure to create a remarketing campaign is a kind of business suicide once you learn of its proven effectiveness.

A well-planned remarketing campaign will drive sales and increase conversions better and faster than set-it-and-forget-it approaches.  Although it may seem simple, remarketing require know-how and practice and we always recommend using it in conjunction with a broader set of smart digital marketing strategies to maximize its effectiveness.

Work Method

The “mission” with remarketing is to make sure that everyone who has visited your website or other marketing assets continues to see your brand repeatedly. With access to this data we create email marketing campaigns and use retargeting platforms like Google Ads remarketing to spread a publicity message and to deliver the following benefits for  your businesses:

  • Higher conversion rates – most shoppers don’t make their buying  decisions right away. Most leave their initial searches and never return. Remarketing brings them back.
  • Perception of scarcity – retargeting users who’ve recently browsed a site, if done  correctly, gives the potential shopper the impression they’d better buy now or miss out.
  • Strengthen the brand – display ads build brand awareness early  alongside the guest’s shopping path. Remarketing to show them your brand as relevant and even indispensable strengthens brand awareness and affinity.

In conclusion, our team has in-depth experience and familiarity with various remarketing strategies, which we have implemented with great success with most of our clients for years. We will help you utilize the full potential inherent in any surfer who has interacted with your brand and increase the amount of leads / sales significantly.

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