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International & Multilingual Search Engine Optimization

We design global search engine optimization campaigns meant to bring your business in front of buyers beyond the borders of the country where you are headquartered. Going global is a competitive, challenging SEO process that involves careful research, a deep understanding of the international market, accurate country or language targeting, technical optimization of the site, and geolocation.  We have decades of experience in this field, having optimized websites for large hotel chains, banks and other financial institutions, automotive ventures, and many other businesses of international repute.

What Is Global SEO? 

Global SEO is the search engine optimization process that targets audiences in foreign markets across the world. It is recommended for businesses that need to expand their online footprint to gain more international customers.

Also known as “international SEO,” Global SEO implies  optimization for different countries, languages, and cultures, but also meeting local Internet privacy and data protection regulations and policies.

To optimize for international markets, it is not enough to translate the original content of your site in different languages. Your texts must meet the unique characteristics of each region you target. It is also important to understand the different mentalities of foreign users and their search behaviours.

Therefore, you need native translators able not only to interpret the written word, but also to adapt your content to the specifics of the market, paying attention to idioms, slang, vocabulary, grammar, rhetoric, figurative and implied meaning, and other linguistic and cultural differences.

We are an ideal Global SEO partner because our team includes native writers and professional translators with backgrounds in philology and journalism.

Work Method

Fundamentals for a Successful Global SEO Strategy 

Optimizing your website for the global market is a demanding process that requires research, time, and commitment. Global SEO needs the dedicated support of an experienced Global SEO specialist.

To perform Global SEO for you, Carmelon Digital Marketing will identify your preferred markets, establish the preferred languages for those markets, define an international-friendly  domain strategy and URL structure, and perform a variety of technical SEO tweaks to signal to Google and other search engines which geolocations and users you want to target. After extensive keyword research, we will tailor your content to each region’s specific language, culture, currency, and user behaviours.

The design of the site and its UX must meet the expectations of users in your targeted international markets as well. Here, we can assist with all the details from outlining what type of imagery and content are needed to appeal to the demographics of a specific region to site architecture and proper navigation.

In addition, we will also assist and advise you in maintaining your international SEO, keeping up with the variety of search engine guidelines – beyond Google, for example also Bing, Yandex, and Baidu – to adapt your global digital marketing strategies accordingly.

In order to have Global SEO you need to act like a Local!
If your website is targeting more than one language or country, you need to fine-tune your global SEO strategy, just translating your website won’t be enough. You need to write the content for local target audiences with Top Level Domain Approach with the right copy-writing, keyword research and link building with local SEO methodology.

Together with your team we identify what works best for your business and your website and build upon that a global SEO strategy that doesn’t fail.

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