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We Believe that Great User Experience Leads to Conversions and Significantly Improves A Website's Conversion Rate.

The user experience or UX is what your guests and potential guests feel when interacting with your digital assets. This may include your site and its content, web apps, social media assets, videos and a wealth of other channels you can control. UX is arguably the most important facet of any digital business’ value propositions. At least this is true for marketing your brand.

Why Is UX Important?

UX matters because it fulfills your client's needs at a crucial point along the  purchase path. UX aims to provide positive experiences that keep  shoppers  loyal to the product or brand, while at the same time creating a smooth transition into conducting business.

It’s also crucial because it is one of the  controllable variables in digital business. The best advice anyone can give where UX is concerned is to “be there” for your clients and potential clients. If someone uses the energy and time to engage with you, you’d better be ready to reciprocate or face a massive opportunity cost. The rule of thumb is “listen-observe-question” and then respond as if you are the experience.

Work Method

At Carmelon Digital Marketing we examine so-called “look-alike” audiences to reflect the same traits as our clients’ current users. In doing this, we look for the following common characteristics:

  • User Demographics like age, location, familial status, career, etc.
  • Personality traits like whether users are introverted, extroverted, creative, and so on.
  • What motivates users and traits like wish lists, fear incentivization, power, and others.
  • We also look at a wide range of ancillary data to create the ideal “buyer” profile.


Testing, Testing! 

Carmelon Digital Marketing will assist you in building a study to compare the effectiveness and quality  of experience  between different user interfaces. Even the most trivial change can make a vital impact on how users perceive your brand and products. One good way to evaluate sites is by using Google’s Optimize platform for an A/B test. Then, we can determine which version of a site is outperforming the other and adjust the web presence accordingly.


Why Flowcharts Matter 

Using flowcharts to see how users move through a website is a crucial step in making a stunning UX. At Carmelon Digital Marketing we start by deciding how users “need” to pass through site elements, and we compare this with how they are currently traversing the site. By understanding their site usage, and by encouraging the desired flow, we can better optimize the user experience.  Many analytical tools allow us to see how users are engaging with your website in real time. Platforms like Lucky Orange can track where a user’s mouse pointer is on any given page at any given time.


Sitemaps and Wireframes 

Creating a sitemap makes it simpler for visitors to get from point A to point B on a website. A sitemap helps eliminate bad ideas while helping structure how pages will connect. As for Wireframes, they represent the skeletal framework of web pages and provide a preview of a site’s look and feel before they do the core work.


Design Patterns and Style Guides 

Creating a user-friendly interface design with the right elements will help save time and agony in the long run. Focusing on the right tasks and their effectiveness will lead to an overall better UX. By using style guides, writers and graphic designers can work based on a consistent framework for creating content that meets a brand’s style guide and goals.


Everything considered, we at Carmelon Digital Marketing create the foundation for a drastically improved user experience by bearing in mind what guests want from a website or app experience.

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