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We are here to guide you through the Digital Accessibility process ensuring that your website & app are compliant to WCAG 2.1 standards & the Israeli Law.

Recent studies indicate that 20-25% of the public have difficulty using and accessing the Internet. The number of issues impeding easy access to websites ranges from visual and hearing impairment to motor impairment and further on to cognitive problems like ADD, dyslexia, and autism. While it’s hard to build sites that satisfy all these needs, embracing diversity means at least going the extra mile to make websites that pass the WCAG and the WebAIM accessibility checklists.

The United States, Canada, Israel, the United Kingdom, Australia, and countries in the European Union have already adopted many accessibility rules as legally binding – which means that site owners could face legal consequences – like being sued for discrimination – if their sites are not compliant.

According to the World Health Organization about 15% of the world’s population lives with a disability. Furthermore, between 2% and 4% of these people experience significant difficulty. As we’ve shown here, by improving the accessibility of your website, you not only help disabled people, you make your site more usable for everyone. Making a site compliant with all accessibility standards is a laborious, lengthy process. Maintenance is imperative too. This is how we can help:

Therefore, we provide our clients with consultancy and guidance on the accessibility issues that create a great user experience on websites. Content that is inaccessible by a certain percentage of visitors leads to lost conversions.


The main advantages of fully accessible sites:

  • Accessible sites increase the reach to your potential target audience, as well as the number of users visiting the site.
  • Making your site accessible improves even search engine compatibility, increasing site traffic. As an example, by better marking the hierarchy in the document, and adding the right alternative text to images, the sites are more accessible to search engines too. Pages that clearly communicate their topic are rated higher by Google and other search engines as well.
  • Accessibility compliance improves site usability too. By making web pages more accessible we make them easier to use by people with disabilities and for the public. Well-structured web pages get an SEO boost.
  • With an accessible site, the public perception of your company improves too. Accessibility is an essential part of the fabric of social responsibility and organizational responsibility. A 2009 survey by the GeocartographyInstitute found that nearly 90% of respondents valued more highly businesses that provide accessible services to people with disabilities.
  • Accessibility adjustments increase the number of users on the site and the number of transactions as well. This in turn reduces associated costs of operations.
  • To be Google compliant, as the search engine recommends accessibility among the best practices of web development. Designing a great user experience is essential.
  • To meet legal requirements, as in some countries, compliance with various accessibility standards such as WCAG 2.0, section 508 or IS 5568 is a legal obligation.

Work Method

At Carmelon Digital Marketing we have extensive experience in advising adapting both large and small sites. We can make existing sites accessible, but we can also help pre-plan new sites to meet accessibility standards.


  • Designing new sites in compliance with accessibility standards
  • Adapting existing sites, large or small, to accessibility requirements
  • Assisting you and the technical team with information on various recommended adjustments techniques throughout the entire adaptation process
  • Embedding large scale accessibility compliance systems on large sites
  • Performing accessibility audits for existing sites – as a one-time audit, or as a review and as part of an ongoing adjustment process
  • Mapping all required adjustments and supplying compliance information and resources for adjustments techniques
  • Consulting on modifications and compliance of individual modules on sites – video, animations, files, PDF documents, and more.

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