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Managing All the Tags in one place with GTM

Collecting data using tools like Google Analytics is critical for expanding a site’s online reach, converting leads into buyers, and for optimizing any digital marketing strategy. However, collecting all the contextual data needed is no simple task. Therefore, at Carmelon Digital Marketing,  we  recommend using the Google Tag Manager to increase these systems’ efficiency by adding the right tags.

What Is Google Tag Manager?

Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a tag management system that lets users create and monitor tags via a user interface like web and mobile apps. Tags are snippets of code or tracking pixels from third-party platforms. Examples may include Google Analytics Universal tracking codes, Google Ads marketing codes, Google Ads conversion tracking codes, Lucky Orange heatmap tracking codes, Facebook pixels, and so on. The system allows marketers to manage all tags without editing any codes.

While the idea is simple, the process is more complicated. Because GTM injects code straight into the website, it is not advisable to use it without prior experience. Many marketers make mistakes because they don’t take the time to train and to understand the tool before using it.

The Google Tag Manager allows your developers and IT department to focus on more complex and essential tasks since Google codes your tags for you. In addition, Google Tag Manager lets marketing create and monitor tags, which in turn streamlines the process of tag optimization. Using tags improves the accuracy of your analytics system, guaranteeing higher-quality reports to  understand the true online audience better.

Note that Google Tag Manager is not Google Analytics. It is a different tool, used to store and manage third-party code. You cannot do analysis and  report from GTM. You can only use GTM to send custom data to Google Analytics, where all monitoring, tracking, and reporting takes place.

GTM works with non-Google analytics tools and other products too. However, unless you are a seasoned developer and marketer, setting up and working with GTM will challenge you.


We Are Google Tag Manager Experts

We at Carmelon Digital Marketing have an all-embracing experience using Google Tag Manager for hundreds of websites.

As certified Google Partner digital marketers, we are continually refining our methodology and knowledge to serve our clients transparently and reliably.

Our Google Tag Manager Consulting Services includes:

  • Google Tag Manager account implementation
  • Goal conversion and event tracking
  • Enhanced eCommerce tracking
  • Cross domain tracking
  • Click-to-Call tracking
  • Video tracking
  • Scroll tracking
  • Tag testing
  • Debugging GTM issues
  • Ongoing Maintenance & Supporting

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