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Carmelon.co.il has won the 2014 Webi Award for AAA Accessibility

Webi Awards 2014

Carmelon Digital Marketing has won the 2014 Webi Awards with special excellence for adding AAA accessibility level (the highest level of accessibility) to Carmelon .co.il website. The prestigious Webi awards competition is held for the tenth year in a row by “People and Computers” Group.

Carmelon Website was recently modified to the highest accessibility standard (AAA), in preparation for the entry into force of the Accessibility Law, and to take into consideration its website users. To specialize in websites accessibility and provide websites accessibility service to a variety of clients, including professional consulting, and in-depth knowledge of this field of expertise.

Yair Carmel CEO of Caramlon digital marketing with the Webi Award

According to Yair Carmel, the CEO of Carmelon Digital Marketing, “In the past year, we realized the importance of websites accessibility issue, and we decided that in order to become Web Accessibility experts at the highest level, we have to do this first hand to our website , and adjust it to the highest accessibility standards.

The accessibility modification process, which lasted about a year, al

lowed the Carmelon team to experience many complicated issues related to websites accessibility. During this project, the team faced few technological and content challenges, and eventually developed and implemented a variety of measures to meet the highest standard. Fore

most among them are a help mechanism explaining how to operate the various components in web pages, a mechanism to increase the webpage text size, color contrast selection and interpretations of any term and in any language, so it become understandable to anyone.