SEO eBook 2019

Essential SEO Guide for Planning a Healthy Website to Rank Well in SERPs

SEO is a constantly-evolving discipline that requires time and commitment. With the exclusive SEO eBook 2019, Carmelon Digital Marketing offers a primer that covers the basics of SEO with all the elements necessary to build a healthy, complying site with real chances to rank well in the SERPs (search engine results pages).

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The SEO eBook 2019 details the need for incorporating SEO into the marketing strategy for any website. Without search engine optimization, sites don’t reach as many potential customers as they could. The Internet is a competitive market, and rankings on Google’s first search engine results page are desired by all companies serious about business on the Web. As the SEO eBook 2019 reveals, Google users rarely research beyond the first results page or the top ten organic results. The first listing on this page will receive 32,5% of the traffic, the second 17.6%, and the third only 11.4%. Therefore, the SEO eBook 2019 by Carmelon Digital Marketing reveals the tools and strategies needed for a webpage to rank among the top ten organic results in Google.

In this guide, SEO expert Aline Elbaz details how to perform keyword research like a pro and which tools deliver the most complete keyword and keyword phrases lists to help you improve your content to rank better in the SERPs. Being primarily conceived to help small-business sites with little resources, the SEO eBook 2019 features a wealth of free tools, but also several professional tools, which are more appropriate for large, enterprise websites.

Besides showing how to use keyword research tools and keyword planners, the SEO eBook 2019 details how to optimize text, steps to avoid over-optimization and internal cannibalism, arguments for unique content and how to deal with duplicate content that could harm a site’s rankings. The guide offers step-by-step instructions to optimize meta titles and meta descriptions, image alt (alternative) attributes and title tags, and HTML headings.

An extensive chapter of the SEO eBook 2019 by Carmelon Digital Marketing addresses technical SEO with all its elements, including meta robots, robots.txt file, canonical tags, cross-browser compatibility, content markup, sitemaps, and breadcrumb navigation, among others. In the final chapters of the book, the authors stress the importance of mobile readiness for websites of all kinds and the effects of poor site speed. The guide ends with a chapter detailing how to monitor site health and rankings with Google tag manager, Google Analytics, and Google Search Console, before revealing the minimum and the recommended CMS requirements for websites.

The SEO eBook 2019 is a mandatory read before planning a website, but also for optimizing existing sites with a poor performance in the SERPs. Implementing the fixes described in this guide will help site owners boost their online presence and gain more organic traffic from the search engines. The guide deals exclusively with onsite SEO, addressing both content and technical elements that affect rankings.

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