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We provide advanced, multi-channel digital marketing services which increase sales for our clients

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Increasing the amount of high value traffic that reaches the website


Analyzing the traffic that reaches the website


Continuously increasing activities and improving business results

Net Together

Net Together  is a venture company that focuses on promoting and marketing hotels and vacation resorts online.It plans, develops and promotes a network of leading, sales-oriented websites specific to tourism, geared toward  international target markets.

Finance Websites

Our company specializes in developing  finance websites, which serve as practical and detailed guides in diverse financial fields. We have established initiatives incorporated in comprehensive websites dealing with financial issues such as loans, mortgages and more.



Testimonial – Migdal

A 19% increase in the non-branded organic traffic to the website, and an improvement in regard to keywords to entice organic traffic.

Migdal - Testimonial >

Testimonial – ArenaTurist

23% revenue increase from FIT orders made via the company websites, and there was a 65% revenue increase solely from organic searches.

Testimonial-ArenaTurist >

Articles in Focus

How hoteliers can increase direct booking?

Hoteliers, here are the most important six strategies to boost direct booking: make use of https, optimize for metasearch, have mobile-friendly sites and booking engines, understand the importance of TripAdvisor reviews, do not ignore the billboard effect, and have a good social media strategy.

Amazon: Best in Class Case Study

Amazon might be the number 1 disruptor of
the last decade, re-inventing industries through ecommerce, through a strategic focus on the customer. This report examines some of the
tactics used by Amazon across industries