TrustYou - Online Reputation Management System for Hotels

TrustYou preferred partnerTrustYou - Online Reputation Management System for Hotels

German based TrustYou operates an Online Reputation Management (ORM) system for hotels and restaurants. Used by over 50,000 member hotels worldwide, the system analyzes and monitors reviews and posted experiences relating to over 400,000 hotels.
The system collects reviews from some 250 online sources, including social networks, blog posts, and leading review channels, and consolidates them into one simple, user-friendly interface.
The interface displays a variety of quality measurements, which are calculated and divided into over 120 different categories such as rooms, food & beverages and service, and which are based on the analysis of reviews in 28 languages, and on the score relating to each given review.

Over 250 review sources are monitored

The system provides tools that enable you to “listen” in real-time to the hotel guests and to the rest of the review writers across the web. In the short run, this allows you to respond quickly and efficiently from within the interface. In the long run, you will be able to identify your strengths and weaknesses based on the analysis of the reviews, and carry out a detailed comparison in relation to competing hotels, which you will define in advance.


TrustYou app - monitoring reviews on hotels

Continuous “listening” to reviews through your iPhone and Android app, email notifications and ongoing, customized reports.


TrustYou offers 3 tools for hotel reputation management:

TrustYou offers 3 tools for hotel reputation management

Listen to your guests with insightful guest satisfaction surveys and Facebook app.

Understand what guests are saying about your brand and hotel, in real-time.

Convince customers of your reputation with marketing tools to increase conversions.


For hotels, having instant access to ongoing, constant reporting of reviews, which are analyzed and collaborated within the TrustYou system, means that an adequate response to customers’ satisfaction can be implemented. For marketing purposes, an influx of positive reviews on the hotel or restaurant drives up demand and energizes sales growth.

Understanding guests' needs - Improving service - Positive reviews - High demand - More reservations

4 Main Reasons to Choose TrustYou:

  1. Use a comprehensive, proven 3-in-1 product in one system.
  2. Enjoy an intuitive interface that offers a great user experience.
  3. Participate in the new ‘Meta Reviews’ revolution.
  4. Harness the power of a passionate team that provides support and consultation.

We at Carmelon Digital Marketing recommend implementing the TrustYou system as a primary component in the hotel reputation management service that we offer, based on our extensive experience in promoting hotels online. This system utilizes data that was impossible to manage before, creating a complete picture of your facility that can be controlled and harnessed. As the exclusive TrustYou partner in Israel, we will be happy to introduce you to the system, guide through its implementation, and provide you with customized support through training sessions, documentation, and comprehensive consultation.

Over 50,000 hotels worldwide use the TrustYou system, including Fairmont Hotels, Best Western international, Starwood Hotels and Resorts, Trump, Hard Rock and many more choice destinations worldwide.

Over 50,000 hotels use the TrustYou hotel review and reputation management system:

Over 50,000 hotels use the TrustYou hotel review and reputation management system