Why Chatbots Are Good for a Hotel's Website

December 08, 2021 Mihaela Lica Butler

Chatbots are no longer a novel AI-driven technology, but they are still largely unused in the hospitality industry, especially independent hotels. However, large and medium-sized hotels employ chatbots for a variety of purposes. Before analyzing the benefits of using the technology directly on a hotel’s website, here are some examples of hotels already employing it successfully.

Hotels Using Chatbots on Their Websites

Not many hotels use chatbots on their websites, but there are benefits to using this technology: increasing customer satisfaction, larger numbers of direct bookings, and better ROI.

Leonardo Kolymbia Resort - Rhodes

Leonardo Kolymbia Resort - Rhodes uses RateParity’s AI-powered chatbot for hotels, which displays available rates and a direct booking link based on the users’ preferred arrival and departure dates and other criteria, special offers, vouchers within the chat, answers to more than 500 frequently asked questions designed to relief the hotel’s staff workload, and other valuable features.

Leonardo Kolymbia Resort Rhodes

These examples show how hotels employ chatbots on their websites - and this practice is not as popular as AI-powered Facebook chatbots, for example. Still, it is effective as it has several direct benefits for the hotels using it.


GRT Hotels & Resorts

GRT Hotels & Resorts have a website chatbot called GReaTA. Every time you land on their website, GReaTA, “your friendly bot agent,” will greet you and ask how it can assist you today. The chatbot is powered by Trilyo, an AI chatbot that helps hoteliers boost hotel sales and resolve other guest queries instantly.

Trilyo reports a 40% increase in conversations with customers in just 2.5 months for GRT Hotels & Resorts after implementing the GReaTA chatbot on their website. In addition, 84% of the guests messaging with GReaTA shared their email addresses and phone numbers, and over 40% of these people had a booking intent, leading to potential revenue of INR 240K in just a week.

GRT Hotels website chatbot


Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts

Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts have a website chatbot powered by HiJiffy since June 2020. The chatbot helps site visitors select a destination, choose a Bahia Principe hotel there, and answers basic questions about the hotel amenities and facilities. It can also assist users in booking their stay.

Bahia Principe Hotels website chatbot


Benefits of Having a Chatbot on a Hotel’s Website

Answer FAQ 24/7

You can book frequently asked questions about your hotel, services, and destination and have the chatbot answer them any time, any day. This way, your hotel’s staff no longer needs to reply to redundant questions, having time to focus on more critical tasks that satisfy guests already staying at your hotel. This strategy will also improve customer satisfaction by providing timely responses when there is no customer service staff available.

Personalize the Customer Experience

Chatbots can personalize the customer experience during the booking process by all kinds of recommendations for car or bike rentals, restaurant reservations, places for entertainment, bars, cultural attractions, tours, and other activities at your destination. Consider such an AI-powered chatbot an online concierge ready to offer customer support day or night. They can also recommend activities available at your hotel or resort.

Increase Direct Bookings

By providing a more personalized experience during the booking process, chatbots can influence potential guests into making a direct booking. Ideally, you should have an advanced chatbot with an in-chat price comparison tool, showcasing your hotels’ direct booking rates and rates from third-party sites like OTAs. Additionally, to increase direct bookings, the chatbot should also give site visitors direct recommendations based on their data input: arrival and departure dates, number of guests, and number of rooms.

Such a chatbot, for example, like in RtaeParity - an advanced CRO  platform for hotels, allows great flexibility for booking and site managers and of course for users. In fact, all the relevant information about the hotel, prices, related services and more - is automatically entered into the chatbot and in fact allows the user to get all the information they need and book without leaving the interaction with the chatbot

Promote Your Paid-for Services and Facilities

Some hotels have facilities and services that are not free for all the guests. For example, the chatbot could promote access to a paid spa, massages, hair salon, business lounge, and other similar services. You can also program some chatbots to integrate special offers, vouchers, and discount promotions.

Transfer to a Human Customer Service Representative When Needed

Chatbots learn, but their technology is not always enough to replace the human agent. However, when necessary - for example, customer complaints - they can connect the customers with a real person in the correct department.

Save User Data

Some chatbots can collect user data, like names, email addresses, location, and more. These are ideal for building a buyer persona, understanding what type of guests are interested in your kind of property, and grow a robust user database for occasional email promotions and newsletters.

Simplify Check-in and Check-out

Chatbots can eventually simplify the check-in and check-out processes by allowing guests to do it online rather than waiting at the front desk. But, of course, this strategy only works if your hotel offers keyless mobile room admittance.

Chatbots should not be used to cover all these aspects of communication with your guests. Instead, choose the ones you need the most for your hotel, and make the user experience as straightforward as possible.

Examples of Chatbots for Hotel Websites

AI-Powered Chatbot For Hotels by RateParity

Use it to boost direct bookings, revenue, and customer satisfaction, grow your user database, answer guests’ FAQs 24/7. The AI-Powered Chatbot For Hotels by RateParity integrates with WebHotelier Booking Engine, delivering users concrete information, like hotel prices, location, facilities, operation season, contact details, rooms, photos, and much more.

Trilyo Hotel Chatbots

Trilyo Hotel Chatbots use AI & Machine Learning to drive conversions and qualify high potential leads on hotel websites. It answers 80% of customer queries related to the hotel room, bookings, amenities, discounts, and promotions. In addition, its Multilingual Hotel Chatbot has essential features like native language communication and language localization, helpful when you want to attract guests from other countries who don’t speak your language.


Asksuite chatbots are available on the main communication channels: website chat (mobile and desktop), WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and E-mail. It offers customer support in more than 25 languages. It integrates with over 100 booking engines.


Mindsay chatbots are available for hotel websites, mobile apps, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, WeChat, Skype, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and more. They are excellent for streamlining the booking process, providing loyalty program information, listing hotel amenities, and so on.

Whatever chatbot platform you choose, consider pricing, functionality, multilingual availability, and other features relevant to your hotel. Bots should simply the booking process and answer customer questions around the clock. They also make sense to personalize the customer communication experience, persuading site visitors to book directly and eventually to purchase other products like wedding packages, spa vouchers, and more. Used right, they can improve your sales and ROI in a very short time.